Keeping Authority Of The Faith

Keeping Authority Of The Faith

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I understand that good men in Independent, Fundamental, Baptist Colleges, have had a part in the training of many students to serve The Lord in the ministry.

But, Scripturally, biblically speaking, the only organized institution authorized by The Lord Jesus to teach, guard, fight for, and to see to the perpetuation of “…the faith which was once delivered unto the saints…” (Jude 3) has always been His kind of Church.

God, by His Written Word, has delegated that responsibility specifically to His Ordained Pastors and no-one else!

Thank The Lord for those in Baptist Colleges which are under the authority of a doctrinally correct, Fundamental, Independent, Baptist Church, which have taught and “…have kept the faith…”  (II Timothy 4:7)

But there are many a Pastor, parent, and other church members, who have suffered the disappointment and the heartache, of learning that a loved one who was once taught “…sound doctrine…” (Titus 2:1) has now departed “…from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils…” (I Timothy 4:1) 

This has often been the case, because of an un-ordained college professor, who did not teach from only “…the words of faith and of good doctrine…” (I Timothy 4:6)

The Old Paths Preparatory School is designed to help avoid such unnecessary doctrinal tragedies.

Here is how. Every word in the Hd video classes and online tests, can be reviewed, checked, and approved by the Overseer of a Baptist Church, before anyone in their “…flock…”  (Acts 20:28) takes the courses.

The  Old Paths Preparatory School has determined to keep The Faith under the sole authority and oversight of the Pastor of a Local, Scripturally correct, Baptist Church.