The Faith – Online Course

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  • Course Study Guide
    • Downloadable PDF
    • Paperback Copy Mailed
  • Course Text Book
    • Downloadable PDF
    • Paperback Copy Mailed
  • 39 Online Videos
  • 43 Online Test
  • 1 Online Final Exam
  • Downloadable Certificate
  • 20 Course Points (equivalent 20 Credit hours) towards your Degree

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This course will prepare  trainees to stand for “…the faith which was once delivered…(Jude 3) to us; and to prepare servants to “…stand against the wiles…” (Ephesians 6:11) of the doctrinal deficiencies of this day.

The trainees will be grounded in “…the faith…” (I Corinthians 16:13)  without the theological terms which have become the common “…tradition…” (Matthew 15:3) in many Baptist colleges.

Trainees will learn the basic parts of “…the doctrine…” (John 7:17) of “…the faith…”  (II Timothy 4:7) based directly on the words of “…the scripture.” (II Peter 1:20)

A downloadable study guide for each chapter will be completed as the text book is read, and online tests for that particular chapter will be taken before moving on to the next chapter.

This first required course consists of 39 HD online videos, 43 online tests, and a final exam, all of which can be taken according to the trainees personal schedule. There is no time limit for completing this study.